About us

Hello My Dear Friends!

My name is Khrystyna and I'm from Ukraine. We make educational toys for your toddlers, in our shop you can buy high-quality wooden parts, so you can create your own busy board for your baby.

Modern moms and dads want to give their baby something new and unique. Many time, we decided the world lacked a high-quality, stylish, environmentally-friendly, and safe product for children which functions not just as a toy but also as an effective tool for early childhood development. We chose one of the most popular methods of Maria Montessori. The approach turned out to be close to our educational values, which is to comfortably and safely adapt the kids to their surrounding household environment, trust them, and let them try to do everything themselves. No wonder this approach has so many fans around the world!

It is important for us that our toys become unique in every sense. That is why every day we put inspiration and strength into the project so that we grow and develop! There are products on sale for different age categories, our toys suitable for babies from 8 months to 3 years old and older!

We make every possible effort to please your child with a new memorable toy. We guarantee the quality and efficiency of all products. The kid will definitely like it!

We will be grateful that you choose us! With love, Toys4Logic and your Khrystyna ❤


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