How to make a Busy Board DIY? What do I need for this?

How to make a Busy Board DIY? What do I need for this?

At first, you need to create a project of your developing busy board: what would you like to see on your baby's busy board, what details and in what colors? The choice of details depends on the tasks. For the development of fine motor skills, small elements are installed on the board. More complex devices are used for the development of logic, intelligence and the acquisition of skills. All busy board parts you can see in this Section

After choosing the parts for the busy board, you will have a question: what kind of board do I need, from what material and what thickness?

- We recommend to choose a plywood board with a thickness of at least 10 mm. Also, our customers sometimes use a furniture board or any surfaces to which busy board parts can be attached. But please pay attention do not choose a thinner board than 10 mm because all elements must be well screwed for the safety of your baby!  

What tools I need to create Busy Board DIY?

You will only need wood glue and a screwdriver, because we provide all necessary fasteners for each busy board part in the set.

We will share photo reviews of our customers, these are busy boards that people made themselves with our busy board pieces!

Let's create a busy board together?

We will look forward to your photo review 💜